Cal Poly Orientation

Three-plus years of welcoming Mustangs

Land Acknowledgment Poster for Open House 2019

Cal Poly Orientation

Print, Branding, Presentations, Web, Photography  /  Internship  /  2017–2020

Internship Goals

Design print and digital pieces for Cal Poly that help all new students feel welcomed, comfortable, and included.

Internship Outcomes

Close to one hundred design pieces, thousands of event photos, and (hopefully) a few classes of happier new students.

Internship Values

Kindness and Positivity, Education and Progress

About the internship

Three years and nearly a hundred pieces later

As a student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Orientation ended up playing a pretty substantial role in my college career. I volunteered as an Orientation Leader for three years, trained other Orientation Leaders for two, and also worked as the department's Multimedia and Marketing Intern from 2017 until the end of my time at Cal Poly. Over the course of my time in the New Student & Transition Programs Office, I answered my fair share of phone calls, managed to memorize our school's fight song frontwards, backwards, and sideways, and designed close to a hundred pieces for print and web use (time flies!) I also photographed events, helped run presentations in the Performing Arts Center, and pieced together some Drupal workarounds to get our website template a little closer to workable. Below are just a couple of pieces from my time with the department, but please reach out to see more or ask questions about my time with Orientation (or hear me sing our fight song).

The Orientation One Sheet document set against a light tan background. The document is a printed one-pager that features overviews of the programs offered, staff contact information, and statistics about program outcomes. A postcard for the Week of Welcome Cross Cultural Experience set against a light tan background. The postcard features a tagline and imagery of students cheering during Orientation events. A poster for Cal Poly's Open House 2019 event set against a light tan background. The poster features the event graphic, dates, event information, and images from past Open House events. A poster for Poly Canyon Outdoor Cinema set against a light tan background. The poster looks similar to 90s movie theater interiors with bright colors and a dark background. It features an event graphic and event information. Four panels from the Perspective Project set against a light tan background. The Perspective Project panels feature titles and activity descriptions for physical activities (for example, to fill out a piece of paper and attach it to one of the panels, et cetera.) A folder for new students set against a light tan background. The folder features program graphics and photos of students at various Orientation events.

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