Education belongs to everyone.

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Campaign Branding, Illustration, UI Design  /  Coursework  /  2019

Project Goals

How can we educate people about their right to an education and inspire greater activism globally?

Project Outcomes

together4tomorrow acts as both a friendly information hub and a global call to action, offering resources and actionable steps to get involved.

Project Values

Education and Progress, Kindness and Positivity

First off, why education?

Let’s talk about human rights.

This project got its start as a campaign for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ Article 26, passed by the UN in 1948. In just a few short paragraphs, it outlines the foundation for everyone’s right to an education that should be made accessible, acceptable, adaptable, and available, no matter who they are or where they are in the world.

But together4tomorrow became a lot more to me once I dove into the research and started working with the material—not only is education one of my core values, it’s a fundamental tool to achieving health, equity, and prosperity that everyone deserves, period.

Discover. Learn. Act.

together4tomorrow’s website blends the often serious nature of its content with playful, schoolbook-inspired illustrations and animation.

Campaign Planning

Introduce, then educate, then inspire to act.

Since education is so pervasive in many industrialized nations (for good reason), the goal with the campaign was to start from a baseline that didn’t assume any prior knowledge on the part of the viewer of what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was about, what was meant by a right to an education, or how education rights play out in other countries or for other minority groups. Instead, the campaign was designed to help viewers flow through steps towards action.


Introduce them to the problem

Give our viewers a high-level overview of Article 26 in a way that’s engaging, friendly, and approachable.


Educate them on the issues

Focus on exploring the issues and their solutions together, with clarity, to make big, distant problems—like the right to an education—more approachable and actionable.


Inspire and enable them to take action

Avoid negative language, emphasizing hopefulness and togetherness instead. Then, help them take small steps to get involved that lead to greater advocacy down the road.

Sketching and Ideating

Designing how it flows and feels

The overall goal for the campaign would be to get the audience to visit the together4tomorrow website, where they'd be able to learn more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, explore the issue in greater depth, and get involved with the campaign. The site itself was pretty much the bulk of the campaign (save for a style guide) in this stage, so it was important that the first page the audience saw told together4tomorrow's story and inspired action right from the start.

The first page of sketches, showing two hand-drawn website screens for the campaign The second page of sketches, showing two hand-drawn website screens for the campaign The fourth page of sketches, showing two hand-drawn website screens for the campaign

Campaign Design Guide

Keep it honest,
but playful and approachable, too.

In many human rights campaigns, a couple of themes seem to float to the top: negativity, shock imagery, and a focus on the global poor that comes off as patronizing at best and demeaning at worst. Instead, together4tomorrow appeals to its viewers’ common humanity, drawing its inspiration from the places education has the potential to take students, not from what they lack without it.

Information about some aspects of the campaign branding, including colors, typography, and illustrations

Final Experience

Putting all the pieces together

The final experience for together4tomorrow consisted of a Campaign Style Guide, a website, and a web animation prototype, each meant to convey that same sense of possibility that all of us—no matter who we are or where we're at in the world—have a chance to make positive change that betters education for people around the globe. With bright colors, friendly illustration, and clear, actionable messaging, together4tomorrow makes understanding and advocating for our right to an education a little more approachable, a little more impactful, and a little more doable.

The Opportunity page of the campaign website displayed in a MacBook Pro Several pages of the campaign website stacked on top of each other The Learn More page of the campaign website displayed in a MacBook Pro

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