Let's take small steps for climate, together.

Main screen of the Loop app in an iPhone X


First Place

IBM x Adobe Creative Jam

Research, Copywriting, UX, UI Design  /  Design Sprint Project  /  2019

Project Goals

How can we make taking steps to combat climate change simpler and incentivize everyday people to take action?

Project Outcomes

An app that helps encourage folks to take small, easy steps that lessen their impact on climate and the environment.

Project Values

Conservation and Sustainability, Education and Progress

About the project

We're all in this together

It's no secret that climate change demands action from all of us—NGOs, governments, corporations, cities, and individual people like you and me. Loop aims to help everyday people learn and adjust their habits through easy, approachable tasks that reduce their environmental impact. Loop learns what you like to do and where it might be able to challenge you to do better (like walking to work more often or swapping incandescents for LEDs), then guides you with daily actions and periodic reminders that help you form better environmental habits over time.

I worked on Loop with a team of four other students at Cal Poly—Amber Chiang, Sam Rogers, Sasha Menshikova, and Tyler Rathod—as a part of Adobe's Fall 2019 Creative Jam, hosted in partnership with IBM. We had just under two days from prompt (to design an app with Adobe XD that helps combat climate change, as well as uses IBM's technologies, like machine learning) to final presentations. Out of a pool of teams representing several dozen schools, our prototype came in first place. I'm very grateful to Adobe, IBM, and, of course, my team for making this prototype a reality.

My main responsibilities for Loop—aside from ideation and testing, which started off the entire project—were research, copywriting, and working with Amber and Tyler on the app's user interface. Check out the interactive prototype below to get a feel for Loop, or feel free to read through Loop's list of actions to reduce your own environmental impact without the app.

Loop screens displayed in six iPhones Loop's Welcome screen displayed in an iPhone Loop's Events screen displayed in an iPhone Loop screens displayed in three iPhones, stacked on top of each other

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