Calling all skiers, riders, and alpine adventurers.

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Research, UX, UI Design, Branding  /  Coursework  /  2019

Project Goals

How can we make tracking winter sports faster, easier, and more useful for athletes and enthusiasts alike?

Project Outcomes

Powder pairs simple mobile tracking with smart insights to help athletes of all levels get more from each pow day.

Project Values

Adventure and Exploration, Conservation and Sustainability

Why this project?

Ski tracking apps need a tune-up.

Powder originally started as a redesign of an existing iOS ski tracking app titled, appropriately, Ski Tracks. As a skier myself, I was stoked from the moment I got the brief—being able to take user research and insights from existing apps on the market and redesign something to make winter sports training more accessible for all kinds of athletes is just what Ski Tracks needed.

Soon after jumping into the research process, however, it became clear that addressing all of the users’ needs would take a lot more than just a simple redesign, and the concept for Powder was born. Powder takes the best parts of Ski Tracks and builds them out into a new app, designed from the ground up to make winter sports tracking faster, easier, and more insightful, both on and off the mountain.

Two Powder screens displayed in iPhone Xs
Here to help you crush it.

Powder’s designed to be both helpful, offering you stats and info you need, and unobtrusive, so your focus is on your day on the mountain.

User Research

What do we want from our winter sports app?

I identified four different athletes, each with different skill levels and needs, to shape the design of Powder’s experience moving forward. Some, like Ali, are just starting out, and want a little more help with learning how to tell how she’s doing and where she needs to improve. Others, like David, aren’t resort skiers at all, but still want the ability to track their distance-based winter sports, like nordic skiing, which many ski apps today current don’t support very well.

Photo of a young woman, close-up on her face smiling
Ali Brockman

Ali’s just starting out; she wants to be a better rider, but needs an easy way to see how to improve since she’s not quite sure what she needs to fix.

Photo of a man, close-up on his face smiling
Denny Salazar

Denny’s a snowboarder who’s at his local resort with his family. He’s all about convenience—whatever app he uses needs to be automatic.

Photo of a young man, close-up on his face smiling
Gavin Stenner

Gavin's a very experienced alpine skier. He wants detailed stats for each run, plus the ability to share and compare his stats with his buddies.

Photo of an older man, close-up on his face smiling
David Nordvärd

David’s a nordic skier who skis both at resorts and in the backcountry. He needs an app that works for distance-based winter sports, not just runs.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Designing a more inclusive, insightful Ski Tracks

At the top of the list of priorities was designing an app that was inclusive—both of various skill levels and various types of winter sports—as well as helpful, offering detailed stats, automatic tracking, and easy, accessible controls for both resort and backcountry use. And to help make those stats more actionable after you get off the mountain, Powder offers insights based on each day’s performance, too.

Powder's Explore screen displayed in an iPhone, featuring information about Sugar Bowl Resort Powder's Day Summary screen displayed in an iPhone Powder's Season Overview screen displayed in an iPhone
Your stats, now smarter

Track your distance, elevation change, speed, calories, runs (or laps), time, GPS tracks, effort, and performance every season, every day.

Final Experience

Calling all skiers, riders, and alpine adventurers

Powder’s colors, typography, and design elements are meant to convey clarity, first and foremost, as well as a sense of place—winter sports tend to take place in and on snow, after all. With added safety, social, and exploration-focused features and bold colors that reference the colors and vibe of the mountains, Powder helps any skier, boarder, or winter sport enthusiast get out and get going easier than ever before.

If you’d like, you can explore the UX prototype to get a sense of how Powder works in grayscale. Or, read about Powder’s research and design in greater depth by downloading the pitch deck below.

Powder screens displayed in two iPhones, side by side Powder's Start screen displayed in an iPhone Powder's Tracking screen displayed in an iPhone

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