A screenshot of the final Powder app's Today screen in an iPhone. The iPhone is angled backwards and towards the left, and appears to be floating in space. The screen shows the user's location on a map, as well as current weather conditions and large purple button that will start recording the user's movements while skiing.

Healthy. Sorta. Sweet.

Designing and illustrating a collaborative, family-sourced cookbook

Coursework, 2019


A book of twenty-one recipes and original illustrations designed to illuminate the stories of the folks behind the food


Publication Design, Illustration


Procreate, Illustrator, InDesign


Kindness and Positivity

Good people. Good stories. Great food.

Healthy. Sorta. Sweet. got its start as a course project to design a collaboratively-sourced cookbook made up of one favorite family recipe and accompanying story from every student in my cohort. For my take on the project, I wanted to focus on what goes into the food and where it comes from—the ingredients that play a key role, and the people and stories that make each recipe special.

What came out of it was Healthy. Sorta. Sweet., a digital book named for the three (almost comprehensive) categories I was able to fit each recipe into. Each recipe was paired with its accompanying story and one of nearly two-dozen custom illustrations I created of different ingredients.

A couple of the spreads are shown below, but feel free to view the publication live on ISSUU, or download a PDF to your laptop or iPad yourself and get cooking—you may just find your new favorite meal or dessert (or two or three).

Cookbook page shown on an iPad screen, with the word 'Healthy' surrounded by illustrations of different healthy foods
Cookbook page shown on an iPad screen, showing a recipe for Frosted Strawberry Squares
Cookbook page shown on an iPad screen, showing a recipe for Mediterranean Baked Bechamel Pasta
Cookbook page shown on an iPad screen, showing a recipe for Miso Poached Salmon

Making long-distance thru hiking easier to plan, safer, and more approachable for first-time trekkers

Designing nearly one hundred print and digital pieces during my three year internship with Cal Poly Orientation