The fine print.

All of the gobbledegook that usually goes in the footer.

What is this?

Essentially, this is me giving credit where credit is due (saying who took that portrait of me is one great example of what I mean). I also give some information about the site to both again give credit as well as provide some extra information to whoever might be curious. This is usually the stuff that makes footers on pages 30 lines long, but since I didn't want to clutter up the footer with it, this is where it ended up. If I've misattributed anything anywhere, please let me know so I can fix it right away.

Photographs of me.

First up is giving credit for the photographs of me throughout the site. The photo featured on the home and about pages was taken at my high school's Evening for the Arts fundraiser in May 2015. I'm pretty sure that it was taken by Becca Hofheinz, but it also might have been taken by Caitlin Kelley or Christina Racine. For the other photos of me throughout the site, I've put credits underneath each photo.


The icons scattered across the site (save the menu icon on mobile devices, which I designed) are a part of Font Awesome, a really solid (and free) icon font. I used these most noticeably for the social icons on the about page, if you're curious.

The nav dropdown on mobile.

The Javascript code to show/hide the navigation menu when the menu icon is clicked on mobile are from Chris Converse's repost of this article here on Movalog. They both put out some really great stuff. Note: I designed the menu and icon, so no attribution for those is needed.


The site was designed with the Helvetica Neue family at different weights. However, since that's not available everywhere, you might be seeing Source Sans Pro instead.

Retina graphics.

The images on this site are saved in two sizes - 1x and 2x - and the appropriate ones are served up based on your device's screen resolution thanks to a nifty little script called retina.js. You can learn more about it on the retina.js website here.

SVG files.

I use SVG (vector graphics) wherever possible on this site to save some download time. Modernizr provides SVG detection so I can offer fallback images in their places, as suggested in Chris Coyier's article on CSS-Tricks here.

The quotes in the footer.

I cycle through different quotes semi-regularly to include in the footer of my site pages. Each one is appropriately cited with its source following, and each one I hand-picked because I really like it.

The making of this site.

This site was designed in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and turned into functioning code using Panic's Coda, which is in my opinion one of the best apps that exist for web design and development, so check that out. This site was proudly built on a Mac and hand-coded with snow, sweat and coffee in northern California.

Any questions?

If you have any questions after reading through this (hopefully not-too-painful) document, then please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to help you out.