Well, That Failed

I really have to work on the whole writing thing. On the off-chance that you happened to scroll down and see the previous post on my blog proclaiming that I would try to start writing more frequently — and happened to notice the difference in post dates to be over a year — you might agree with me. The whole promise to myself that starting a blog would force me to write more often clearly wasn’t a strong enough incentive, so I’m not going to promise that I’ll write every day this time. Or even every week. If I do, great, but if not, that’s okay too. I will promise myself to actually publish what I do write though, regardless of how underdeveloped I might think it is or how trivial the subject matter.

There’s a reason for this. I want to get better at writing. I’m going to start college in a few days from now — six, to be exact — and I’d like to keep my writing skills sharp. Or actually, sharpen them further. I don’t know how much I will have to write as a computer science major, so hopefully this will serve as both an excuse to write and an outlet for me to do so. A place to express my opinions and walk through my exercises in struggling past these moments of “Ugh, my writing sucks” to graduating to the level of “proficient writer.”

I mentioned my opinions, which, though I try to serve as the middle ground in just about any situation, I still do have and wish to share. And I think this is the ideal place to do it. I’ll also try to collect links to some of my other pieces of writing scattered across the web, from my photo essays to college essays I wrote (and how I’d improve on them if I were applying now) and short snippets I find inspiring, funny, or worth sharing from whatever I may be reading. I guess what to expect would be some posts on education: advice, thoughts on how to make it better, and (probably) some different views than what you might be used to from high schoolers-soon-to-be-college-students; probably a bit on some of my passions, like photo, or history, or the outdoors; or even just brief blurbs about lessons learned from college, hopefully those about learning myself more than anything. At least it will be words on paper.

In short, I’ll try it again: I’m going to start a blog.

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